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Sollatek AVS 13 price in kenya

Sollatek is a renowned brand when it comes to power protection devices. They make some of the best automatic voltage stabilizers that protect electrical equipment from damage in case of power fluctuations. Of particular interest to many people is the Sollatek AVS 13 and how much it costs. The Sollatek AVS 13 price in Kenya depends on where you buy the product.

What is the Sollatek AVS 13?

The AVS 13 is an automatic voltage stabilizer rated 13 amps. It is made by Sollatek a leader in production of power protection equipment worldwide. As such, it is a reliable device that offers total protection for most of the electrical devices we use today.

You might be wondering why this automatic voltage stabilizer is rated 13 amps. This is because most of the items in households today are rated 13 amps. The Sollatek AVS 13 can therefore offer protection against most of these devices including monitors, laptops, coolers, fridges, media consoles, single ovens, iron, kettle and many others.

How does the Sollatek AVS 13 work?

The Sollatek AVS 13 is equipped with state of the art microprocessors that keep monitoring the current passing through to the devices. When the current goes above a preset level, the AVS 13 cuts off the output to the devices protecting them from damage or malfunctioning.

Additionally, to offer more protection there is a delay when the power returns. The delay can be set anywhere between 10 seconds and 3 minutes as you would want. This delay is important because it stops your devices from turning on and off every time there are fluctuations.

The Sollatek AVS13 can protect your electrical devices from high power (over voltage), low power (under voltage), power back surges, and power spikes or surges. The surges and spikes are corrected by the stabilizer to ensure the proper power flows through to your devices.

For ease of use, the Sollatek AVS 13 controllers are equipped with LED lights. The LED lights indicate the power status of the controller showing when the power is okay, when it is low, high, cutoff or on standby. Installation of the Sollatek AVS 13 is very easy and doesn't require you to have any special skills. Just set the dial to the required amperage and plug it in to the power source. You are done!

The good thing about investing in this highly versatile controller is that you can use it with so many different devices around the house. If need be, you should invest in several for the fridge, TV and other items that are always on in your house. However, with the level of protection you are getting at the affordable prices, you can be sure it is a worthwhile investment.

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