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Sollatek TV guard Price in Kenya

If you have invested in a TV for your home or even many TVs for your business, the worst that can happen is if your investment goes up in smoke. Over voltage, under voltage and power surges are the most common problems for your investment. That is why you need to invest in a TV guard. Sollatek is one of the best TV guard brands in the market. The Sollatek TV guard price in Kenya varies depending on where you buy.

There are some vendors that might raise the price high because they know many people go looking or the Sollatek brand when buying a TV guard. If you want to enjoy the best Sollatek TV guard price in Kenya, then you should buy from us. We are a direct supplier of the Sollatek brand and therefore we sell at recommended prices.

What's more, since we specialize in selling Sollatek you can rest assured that you are buying the original brand and not a knock-off. There are many knock-offs in the market many of which do not work as required. They might be unable to disconnect the power if it rises or falls way below the required voltage or they could be unable to clear electrical disturbances like spikes and surges.

It is therefore imperative that if you want to totally protect your TVs you buy a brand that really works. Sollatek TV guard is what you need for that complete protection from any sort of electrical disturbance. This TV guard doesn't only cut off the power, there is also a delay to switch back on. During this delay the microprocessors check the voltage to ensure it is back to normal.

This delay is important because it ensures the TV is not switched on and off repeatedly during the power fluctuations. Further it protects the TV from large surges which are normal when power returns.

The Sollatek TV guard price in Kenya should not be a worry for you because the Sollatek TV guard offers value for money. The TV guard is made using high quality components that can withstand the power surges and drops. Further, it can even withstand large power surges without burning. With a Sollatek TV guard you get value for your money.

Many people think that the extension cords offer protection against under voltage, over voltage and other electrical disturbances but they do not. Do not only connect your TV to an extension cord and think that your TV is protected because it is not. An extension cord only serves two purposes. First it helps to bring power closer to where it is needed and also it increases the number of ports allowing you to plug in several items at once.

To protect your TV a TV guard is a must. The best brand to consider is Sollatek and we are the supplier of choice when it comes to supply of Sollatek devices. Place your order now and enjoy the best Sollatek TV guard price in Kenya.