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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Price in Kenya

In many developed and developing countries, there is a high demand for power which surpasses the supply. This causes voltage swings and surges which can cause serious damage to expensive machinery and electrical devices in homes and businesses. Thus the need for the automatic voltage stabilizers. Since they come in different brands with different capabilities, the automatic voltage stabilizer price in Kenya also varies.

All items that are powered through the mains require a power supply that is maintained within specified limits. If the power supply is too low, the items can malfunction and when too high severe damage sometimes irreversible can be caused. This is why you need to invest in an automatic voltage stabilizer.

How does AVS help?

The automatic voltage stabilizer continuously monitors the incoming power supply. If the voltage rises or drops, the automatic voltage stabilizer automatically controls the output voltage or cuts off the power. This ensures that the voltage that reaches the load equipment is at the required voltage.

A voltage stabilizer is therefore a great investment because it offers protection for your electrical and machinery investments whether for business or domestic use. Electrical appliances are usually expensive and not something you want to keep buying. For a business, experiencing a lot of down time due to machinery failure can lead to losses. You do not want that which is why it is advisable to invest in an automatic voltage stabilizer.

Types of automatic voltage stabilizers

There are two types of automatic voltage stabilizers available in the market. They can either be solid state or Servo voltage stabilizers. Servo voltage stabilizers are usually more advanced than solid state stabilizers. They come with advanced features and allow for a fine output control of even less than 1%. Servo stabilizers are also available in single phase and three phase models. However, these stabilizers require some maintenance.

Solid state stabilizers on the other hand, do not have any moving parts and therefore require very minimal maintenance if any. They offer very fast response times when correcting under / over voltages and power surges. They are therefore very ideal for use in highly sensitive loads and their applications.

Solid state voltage stabilizers are also available for single and three phase use. The choice here really is based on the type of power you have. Most industries and some commercial premises have access to three phase power. If you want to protect your machinery in such establishments, you need the three phase stabilizers.

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