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We are a leading supplier of power controllers from quality brands and manufacturers worldwide including Sollatek and others. As a renowned and trusted supplier, we take the lead in stocking unique and superior quality solutions that work as required. We know you value the investments you have made in electronics for your business or home. As such, we provide you with power controllers that offer total control to give you the peace of mind you need that your investment is safe.

We stock a wide variety of power control and protection products including the AVS 30, AVS 13, power regulators, fridge guards and TV guards. With this comprehensive range of products, we leave nothing to chance. Also, since we work as direct suppliers of all the brands we sell, you can rest assured that you are buying the quality brands you know and trust. Buy from us today and avoid knock-offs that have infiltrated the market and are frustrating many people today.

Original Sollatek AVS 30 - Ksh 9,200/=

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Avs 30 Price in Kenya - Only Ksh 9,200/=

High power (over voltage) and low power (under voltage) can cause damage to your electrical and electronic appliances. If you think about it, electronics and electricals are the most expensive items in most homes and businesses today. Investing in a voltage stabilizer is a great way of taking care of your investments. The Sollatek AVS 30 is one of the best stabilizers in the market today. The AVS 30 price in Kenya varies depending on where you are purchasing the stabilizer but it is a valuable item to have.

What is the AVS 30?

The AVS 30 is an automatic voltage switcher that is rated at 30 Amps hence the name AVS 30. There are many voltage stabilizers available in the market with the same rating but from different brands. Using the AVS 30 is easy. You just set the stabilizer to acceptable limits and it switches off the power when it is under or over those limits.

The AVS is also known as automatic voltage regulator (AVR) or voltage regulator (VR).

How does the AVS 30 work?

The AVS 30 protects your electrical items in several ways. First, when there is an under-voltage the AVS 30 completely stops the flow so there is no output. This means the power with an under voltage that can cause damage doesn't reach your electrical devices.

The same happens when there is an under voltage. The AVS 30 completely turns off the output so that the high voltage that can cause your electrical items to burn doesn't pass through. There are also times when the voltage gets surges or spikes. When the AVS 30 is connected, these small spikes are corrected so that normal voltage passes through.

That is not all, after cutting off the power, the AVS 30 stays off for up to 3 minutes checking to ensure that the power is acting normally. The wait time is adjustable, however, between 10 seconds and 10 minutes to suit your needs. With this total protection from an AVS30 stabilizer, the AVS 30 price in Kenya should not be your worry.

A quality AVS 30 product also step-up or step-down voltages when they are lower or higher than set limits but within set input windows. Using an in-built transformer, an AVS 30 can step up the voltage when it low without having to completely cut-off the power. If it is higher but within the input window, the AVS can also reduce the voltage to acceptable limits without completely cutting off the power.

If you invest in a quality brand like Sollatek, you can rest assured that your expensive electrical and electronic equipment are protected.

Your AVS 30 supplier of choice

Not all automatic voltage stabilizers are made equal. If you have been experiencing constant power cuts and damage to your electronic and electrical devices, then you need a stabilizer installed. Buying a stabilizer is like buying total protection for your devices. At an affordable AVS 30 price in Kenya you can be sure all your items are protected.

But, just like all other electronic items available in the market, there are a lot of fake products out there that cannot offer you the high-level protection you need. We only stock high quality brands that are known for offering total protection from over voltage, under voltage, spikes and other electrical noises.

Our products are internationally renowned and made to the best standards. The products are made using latest technologies for the best protection, they come with enhanced features for more usability options and they are made to survive even large inrush currents. These are products that you can depend on even during those bad days when power can really be problematic.

What's more we are able to offer the best Sollatek AVS 30 price in Kenya. This is because we are direct suppliers of Sollatek and all the other international brands that we stock. Also, using this online platform allows us to bring you superior quality products at the most affordable prices.

You have invested in electrical, cooling and electronic devices for your home or business. It is now time to take care of your investment to ensure you get maximum ROI. Place your order for a AVS 30 today.